Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mom is passing away slowly.

She is passing around 500 mL of urine per day, sometimes less than that. Kidney failure happens at its own rate.

She is lethargic and can barely speak. The only time she is clear in her speech is when she asks me where my deceased father is. In heaven, I tell her, waiting on her.

The doctor gave her 2 weeks to live (a week ago), I figure a month to six weeks. Mom is tough. But, I don't know. Will play it one day at a time and prepare the best I can for her passing. It's not easy watching her die. Thank goodness for the hospice nurses and their love and care.

Have gotten all the bills in my name now. Throwing out old junk like a table top Christmas tree that's pushing 25 years old. Fire hazard, if there ever was one with it's electric lights and dried out paper decorations. Wanting to get this old house ready for a tear down next year after I get rid of a lot of stuff and put the rest in storage. Planning on spending the next twelve months real busy.


  1. How are you doing? Is your ma still alive?

  2. Mom died on July 19th. It was a rough death called failure to thrive. She refused food and water as her kidneys failed and slowly dehydrated. It was rough watching her die like that.

    So, now I am own my own again. Staying as busy as possible as the grief comes in waves. It is not so bad now as it was last week. Last week was bad.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that. Perhaps you can bury her on your farmland.

  3. Mom decided she wanted to be buried beside Dad. She asked me to be cremated after I died and have my ashes spread out over their grave so we could all be together. That's probably what I am going to do. When I am dead there will be no family left to look after the graves anyway.

    I am rebuilding my life now. One day at a time kind of thinking. So much to do but I can afford take six months off if I am frugal. And I am no stranger at being frugal. Much fence work ahead on my farm and a lot of yard work here in town. Autumn and winter will be very busy this year. And right now I need a lot of busy to keep from grieving too hard.

  4. I hope you are doing better now, Charlotte. What are you up to nowadays?