Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you listen to Alex Jones or conspiracy radio?

Sometimes at night, I'll turn on the shortwave to 4840 and there's old Alex screaming how the New World Order is molesting little kids at air ports. He makes the TSA agents sound like gestapo or something. If it were truly that bad at air line terminals, wouldn't people protest? Are we, Americans, truly sheeple as Alex keeps suggesting?

Then Alex pushes the tangy tangerine weight loss product that has helped him lose over forty pounds. Pushes multi-vitamins and other health products. I've noticed there is a growing number of radio personalities pushing health and weight loss products. TSA and tangy tangerine. I have to shake my head in a state of disbelief.

I use to listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, but after he left for good, George Noory took over. All that New Age crap George pushes is annoying. I rarely listen to George Noory anymore.

Pastor Bob Martin's Challenge radio program is good (4840 on shortwave). He's like a calmer version of Alex Jones. He damns the NWO (New World Order), too, but leaves it up the listener to make up their own mind about FEMA camps (aka Fusion centers) and the conspiracy theories like chemtrails, fluoride, and GMO (genetically modified) seed. Like me, he anticipates another great disaster for the USA similar to Katrina and 9/11. Martin especially hates the abortion on demand of human life. God, as our Father, is obligated to punish his wayward children. The USA was undoubtedly blessed by God in the centuries past, but the USA has become an ungrateful child and proves it with this imperialistic attitude. I pray the punishment isn't nuclear in nature. Floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes are horrible. Droughts and record snow falls are killers. But, nuclear bombs or nuclear plants melting down is the worse.

Just watched some YouTube clips of the movie The Book of Eli. Someone over at survivalistboards.com suggested the movie as a good example of what to expect in a post apocalyptic event. Has me sort of bummed out. All that violence and dry, dusty feeling the movie clips left me with in my spirit doesn't help. Watching Mom die slowly from congestive heart failure doesn't help either. I make plans, but nothing has worked out lately. I have to stick closer and closer to Mom now. She's in pain all the time from old age. Seriously don't expect her to see next Christmas.

I'll deal with it.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Mom's not doing so well...Nano camper is postponed.

These things happen, so I'll have to roll with it. The new medication Mom was on made her very ill. Lowered her blood pressure too much and acted as a severe laxative at the same time. She's so weak that I stay pretty close to her. She's off two of the new medications and rests frequently. Ate breakfast in bed this morning and that's rare for her to do that. Ordered her an adult version of a sippy cup today so she can drink her coffee in bed without me holding the cup for her. She is in bed about twenty hours a day now and frequently commments of weakness when she's up.

Oh, well. I'll keep saving some money and keep on making plans for the Nano camper. It might be autumn before it's built, but that's okay. Mom comes first. If she passes away, well, that camper will be built, but designed differently.