Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Had to Buy a New Carburetor for the Toro -- $110

I am so grateful to God that I know how to install a carburetor on a small engine. The shop costs probably would have added another $75 at least. Will keep the old carburetor and kit it out now that I finally found a source with reliable parts. Doesn't hurt to have a spare carburetor around for a small engine anyway.

Mom knocked her heavy wooden fold up tray on her foot yesterday. With the powerful blood thinners she takes, she swoll up and bruised very easily. Fortunately, she didn't break any bones in her fragile feet. So, no going out to my farm the next few days. I was really looking forward to it, too. Have a pile of brush to haul off and some cleaning up to do around the old place.


  1. That really smarts. I hit my toe once, it turned black and was painful for day. I was afraid I broke it too.

    It sounds like you're land is fallow. Seems like you can't get out there often enough to grow anything or raise any animals.

  2. Fallow is a good word to use.

    Taking care of a dying mother uses up days I could be down there caring for the land. But, I promised I wouldn't leave her even if it means the land grows up in weeds and trees fall over blocking paths. She shouldn't be alive that much longer anyway. She's having trouble getting up and controlling her bowels. I figure she'll be passing within two years at the most.

    Getting out there as much as possible though. Time is limited because she has to come along, but I usually get at least an hour or two before she starts wanting to go home. I have to stay close by or she goes into pure panic mode and starts hollaring and honking the truck horn. It is tough being so old and nearly useless physically. So, I wait and wait and wait and do as much as I can with the time limits placed by caring for her as the priority.