Saturday, January 21, 2012

Steady Working and Steady Progress

Spring got here early in 2012. Had to mow the yard a couple of weeks ago and trim the hedge. Taking my old chainsaw tomorrow and tearing it down, cleaning the carburetor, and tuning it up. Need to examine the pull cord and all the goes with chainsaw maintenance. My riding mower gets tuned up on Monday, if all works out well. There is a new miss in the engine, so I'm going through the fuel system first in the list of troubleshooting options. It's probably the fuel filter getting clogged up and it's time for new spark plugs anyway.

Mom and I are going down to my farm more often since the temperatures are warmer. Cleared out the overgrowth around the main gate and plan to put up a new gate in February with new posts. Run some more barbwire. There is so much work to do out there with fences to repair or replace and everything else that comes with owning property.

2012 is going to be one busy year for me.


  1. How is nano coming along? Sounds like you're too busy with other things.

  2. Need to save up some money to buy good quality plywood and such for the Nano camper. It's not forgotten. I work right along beside it when I'm in my shop working on chainsaws and such. It's planned for March/April to be built and in use.

    When you have the work load I do, you have to put priorities on things. A kind of work triage of sorts because of my limited income and time. In my life, you get good at juggling or nothing gets done.