Friday, March 2, 2012

A Night of Tornadoes

Got the weather alert function on my multi-function survival radio set to ON/ALERT tonight. It's way too hot for early March and that usually means tornadoes or hard straight line winds.

Last April, a tornado got within a half a mile of the house and it severely damaged two oaks in the backyard. They dropped large limbs a few months later. Got them all cut up and waiting by my outside fire pit. If a tornado a half a mile away does that to mature trees, I don't want the dangerous thing in the yard.

Praying for folks tonight in the paths of tornadoes.


  1. I lived in tornado country for many years. I thought you might be going through all of that.

    Your faith should help you. It's just like another day; read a book, eat dinner, go to bed. If God wishes to take you, He will. There's no need to camp out in the basement in the doorway.

  2. I take reasonable shelter. With the bug out bag, I can grab and go, if there is enough time and warning the tornado is bearing down on me.

    God is not ready yet for me, going by the number of times I've stood in death's doorway only to be turned away at the last moment. Believe I'm here to care for Mom and see to it she's buried next to Dad. After that, it's up to Him whether I stay on longer or not. Having already died once and felt the wonderful peace that death brought, I can clock out early, if He decides it.