Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do you listen to Alex Jones or conspiracy radio?

Sometimes at night, I'll turn on the shortwave to 4840 and there's old Alex screaming how the New World Order is molesting little kids at air ports. He makes the TSA agents sound like gestapo or something. If it were truly that bad at air line terminals, wouldn't people protest? Are we, Americans, truly sheeple as Alex keeps suggesting?

Then Alex pushes the tangy tangerine weight loss product that has helped him lose over forty pounds. Pushes multi-vitamins and other health products. I've noticed there is a growing number of radio personalities pushing health and weight loss products. TSA and tangy tangerine. I have to shake my head in a state of disbelief.

I use to listen to Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, but after he left for good, George Noory took over. All that New Age crap George pushes is annoying. I rarely listen to George Noory anymore.

Pastor Bob Martin's Challenge radio program is good (4840 on shortwave). He's like a calmer version of Alex Jones. He damns the NWO (New World Order), too, but leaves it up the listener to make up their own mind about FEMA camps (aka Fusion centers) and the conspiracy theories like chemtrails, fluoride, and GMO (genetically modified) seed. Like me, he anticipates another great disaster for the USA similar to Katrina and 9/11. Martin especially hates the abortion on demand of human life. God, as our Father, is obligated to punish his wayward children. The USA was undoubtedly blessed by God in the centuries past, but the USA has become an ungrateful child and proves it with this imperialistic attitude. I pray the punishment isn't nuclear in nature. Floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes are horrible. Droughts and record snow falls are killers. But, nuclear bombs or nuclear plants melting down is the worse.

Just watched some YouTube clips of the movie The Book of Eli. Someone over at survivalistboards.com suggested the movie as a good example of what to expect in a post apocalyptic event. Has me sort of bummed out. All that violence and dry, dusty feeling the movie clips left me with in my spirit doesn't help. Watching Mom die slowly from congestive heart failure doesn't help either. I make plans, but nothing has worked out lately. I have to stick closer and closer to Mom now. She's in pain all the time from old age. Seriously don't expect her to see next Christmas.

I'll deal with it.


  1. I used to listen to George Norey. He gets a little bit crazy. I try to be open minded but he pushes my limits.

    I've never heard Art Bell or Father Martin Malachi. Have you seen the french movie "Time of the Wolf?" If you look about the web, you'll find it. Its an accurate picture of a TSHTF world.

  2. Hi Charlotte,
    You seem skeptical that the TSA is molesting kids. How long has it been since you went through an airport checkpoint? Or, do you have more of a liberal view about strangers inserting their hands into your children's pants? Just askin'.

    I guess it's fashionable to hate on the guy who's on top and who works harder than anybody else, and it's good to be an individualist and not to idolize anyone, but, beyond that, what specifically is your beef with Jones? That he promotes a nutritional product that he believes in? I promote nutritional products that I believe in too, because they work.

    Speaking of which, someone with congestive heart failure needs Coenzyme Q10 QUICK, and to get off "cholesterol-lowering" drugs if she's on any. Those drugs deplete the natural CoQ10 in the heart muscles and kill the heart. My granddaddy died of the same thing. Little did we know, his pills probably did him in. I would recommend you listen to these mp3 with Dr Sherry Rogers:


    And see the following:


    I hope you can help your mom with some of the above advice, assuming she wants the help. All the best & God bless.

  3. I was listening to a local talk show here in Mississippi today. The host is JT of Supertalk MS. Today JT suggested that they should do an advice hour on Fridays after a clearly not so bright fellow called in about how his ADHD child was mistreated by the school he attended. JT's co-host Bob told him to quickly realize that they are in the entertainment business and not the advice business. I could hear the tension in Bob's voice and JT was miffed about the brusque reply. Then it occurred to me to think of Alex Jones as being in the entertainment business that sidelines with T-shirts, videos,and tangy tangerine. Alex gives out bits of information through his show about the New World Order and their plan to destroy the world and shape it to what they think is right. With these ten sections (ten kingdoms), the NWO is right on track with what God said 2000 years ago and further back on what would happen in our time.

    Mom's congestive heart failure has progressed to the point of no return. She's spending more and more time in bed and now eats breakfast in bed most mornings. The stroke has left her with the inability to use something as easy a TV remote, but she is lucid. She knows what she wants to watch on TV.

    The water pill and gout pill nearly killed her. We pretty much both decided to get her off the water pill on our own. The gout pill had a severe laxative effect on her bowels and for a week, she ate but got little benefit from the food. She is now off the pill for good.