Friday, April 13, 2012

Mom's not doing so well...Nano camper is postponed.

These things happen, so I'll have to roll with it. The new medication Mom was on made her very ill. Lowered her blood pressure too much and acted as a severe laxative at the same time. She's so weak that I stay pretty close to her. She's off two of the new medications and rests frequently. Ate breakfast in bed this morning and that's rare for her to do that. Ordered her an adult version of a sippy cup today so she can drink her coffee in bed without me holding the cup for her. She is in bed about twenty hours a day now and frequently commments of weakness when she's up.

Oh, well. I'll keep saving some money and keep on making plans for the Nano camper. It might be autumn before it's built, but that's okay. Mom comes first. If she passes away, well, that camper will be built, but designed differently.


  1. Ahhhh! New medications? If she is typical she already takes many drugs by now.

    Too bad. It's hard for an older person to recover from a illness like that.

  2. She takes five different medications right now. The gout medication really tore up her insides. The water pill was too strong, too. She basically starved and dehydrated for a week and at 93, that could have killed her. I am always asking her to drink water and clean her plate. Guess my pushing kept her alive...barely. She often complains of weakness and the fire has gone out of her eyes. She craves sweets, too, but they make her sick on her stomach. At least she's not a diabetic. Can't imagine she'll live through the end of the year if this keeps up.

  3. Mom spends a lot of time in bed now. Atrophy of the leg muscles is bound to set in. I guess her decline mode is quickening.

  4. This sounds pretty bad. It's the way my grandfather died, at 94. Almost certainly, it was caused by the handfuls of pills they had him taking every day -- including his "water pill." Drugs and confinement will predictably hasten anyone's decline. Doctors & drugs are the single biggest cause of death, after "cancer" and "heart disease" -- which are themselves euphemism that mask the fact that many of the deaths are actually caused by the "treatment" of cancer and heart disease.

    My dad had Stage 4 colon cancer and we put him on a Gerson diet and after 6 weeks, he was improving, looking much better, feeling much better, and putting on weight. The X-rays said the cancer was *shrinking*. But the oncologists explained that away as some kind of fluke or optical illusion. THey browbeat and scared him into going on heavy chemo and radiation (oncologists also are the sole DEALERS of chemo drugs, so they profit from the drugs as well as all the other billing for their "service"). He reversed course rapidly, stopped eating, and was dead within a month.
    I described this situation to my current doc, who is a naturopath/nutritionist, and he said: "Do you know your father was murdered?" I said "Of course." )

    If you and your mother want to turn things around, Dr. Sherry is a good person to listen to. Please see my comment on your more recent post.

    Two things that most people have in their kitchen, or can easily get, work fantastically for cardiovascular health: garlic and cayenne. Do a little research on what these two guys will do for the circ system and health in general. It is amazing.

  5. I know all about garlic. It's amazing in killing bacteria and viruses.

    Mom can't take cayenne any more. She did for years, but can't anymore. She's got acid reflux and a very sensitive stomach.

    Mom is 93 and is slowly approaching the time where she won't get out of bed. She's in and out of bed with naps after breakfast and in the afternoon. She's said many times that she is ready to die and I've let go. Hate to see her suffering like this day in and day out.

  6. The cayenne part is surprising. From all I've been told, and my experience, cayenne is healing to the intestinal tract, not upsetting (though most people assume it's upsetting just because it's hot).

    Garlic literally could be saving millions of lives. My maternal grandmother (widow of the 94-year-old who also died via drugs) died almost 10 years ago now, and the immediate cause was a flesh-eating bacteria that could have been stopped by garlic, if we had known that. She was a young 87 and she enjoyed life. She probably had another 10 or 15 years to go had she stayed away from the pharmaceutikills and known some simple facts about nutrition, herbs, etc.

    People's decisions about whether they want to live are heavily colored by their state of health. When your metabolism is shutting down and you're feeling miserable, it makes sense you don't want to live. Yet, for most people, this happens prematurely. I won't purport to know whether that's the case with your mom though.

    I just hate how the system works. It doesn't tell people how to reverse premature decline so they could live out the rest of their allotted time in health. For older folks, it can simply be enzyme depletion from a lifetime of cooked food (and certain drugs), so they cannot digest food any longer. In other words, you're starving, and also becoming acidic, which is a perfect environment for disease. In that case, simple digestive enzymes, will start to turn you around. Antimicrobials like garlic would stop any opportunistic bugs and open up the circulation (which in many elderly people, most of the capillaries are blocked so most of the body gets no nourishment on TOP OF the food not even being broken down). Then you want a mainly raw food diet, a good multivitamin, blah blah.

    What we do in this society is like if you failed to change the oil and do routine maintenance on your car, and when the engine finally drops out of the damn thing after three years due to lack of maintenance, we say "well I guess it's just time for it to go." No it wasn't!

    Well, sorry, I don't mean to pontificate on and on. I just really want people to maximize their life and health. Ultimately, it is your mother's choice, so I'm praying for God's wisdom and strength for both of you.