Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping up with Greece's financial turmoil....

I've been keeping up with Greece's financial chaos that's been going on for quite a while. The way I figure it when Greece dumps their current government, gets rid of their currency, and simply tries to start from scratch, that's when the world's economic problems will get much worse. It's lining up financially that 2013 is going to be one bad year for anyone with a job. Dare I say that a world wide Great Depression 2 might kick in. The pin has got to get pulled somewhere to tumble the world into GD2 and it looks like Greece is that pin.

I am so glad that I actually like survival training. Those skills and knowledge of edible plants and medicinal plants might come in handy. Always enjoyed hunting and fishing. Ordered a scope mount for my old .22 rifle the other day. Need to load up on some .22 ammo, too, before it's too late. Downloading a lot of books into Kindle or buying hard copy books concerning ditch medicine, jungle medicine, and old time medicine and dentistry. My mom's weekly RN told me that you can add sugar and iodine and make a great antiseptic from it. I knew sugar was antibacterial, so it was kept in my bug out bag.

Adding a bug out cart to my bug out bag. It's actually a deer hauler that is to be converted to a covered bug out cart. Can carry more food, water, and my hiker's tent with a bug out cart. My old deer hauler will be used for around the yard or hauling fire wood. Going to convert the new deer hauler into a type of rickshaw type carrier by adding 1/2" conduit pipe to the handle. I do take camping seriously and bugging out with modern gear is like a forced camping trip.

Other than that, I did repair the main drain to all the sinks today. Old cast iron line had corroded so bad that nothing was getting through. Two bottles of Liquid Plumber in the past week let me know that this wasn't a gob of hardened grease or a dead squirrel blocking up the line. Replaced the old line with PVC 2" pipe and it's good to go. It will be a happy day when this old dump of a house is torn completely down.


  1. Geez, I didn't know Drano disolved dead squirrels.

    How do you feel about the South as a survivalist location? Most of what I see promotes the West. There's alot of zombies there in Mississippi.

    Where would you go if TSHTF? The coast? Swamps? I see the golden horde from New Orleans, Birmingham, and Memphis surrounding you.

  2. Drano is one wicked solvent. Will dissolve all types of protein and calcium lifeforms.

    The South is much warmer in winter and that makes survival a lot easier. Millions of acres of unexplored territory, too. Called national parks.

    Zombies, to me, are people messed up bad on drugs. They take off their clothes and try to kill you by eating your face. Hence, the story in Florida a couple of days ago. Cops had to shoot that zombie to stop him from eating a guy's face off. Personally, I think that zombie was demonically possessed.

    Where would I evacuate? Because of seasonal and population variables, I would stay in the South and live near water. Might be a river or a swamp. I would stay away from hoards of people, too. Diseases, murders, rapes, war lords, and plain old stealing will increase as the soap and toilet paper runs out. I don't care much for coastal living. Hurricanes and criminal illegal aliens pretty much keep me away from them.

    The FEMA camps spoken of by Alex Jones know one thing about your basic human. They like to be comfortable and fed regular. They will wait for the waves of sheeple to start volunteering to be incarcerated and indoctrinated as temperature extremes of summer and winter weaken their resolve to be free. Lack of survival knowledge and practice and practical medical knowledge will put even more Americans behind those one-way barbwire walls.