Monday, February 6, 2012

Moving on with Nano camper and farm work

Tore down the Homelite chainsaw and cleaned it up really well. Put the chain back on and it's ready to go. Will have to cut up the fallen mimosa tree and cut up saplings so I can get the tin off the roof for the Nano camper. Tomorrow it's grease the Toro to get it ready for mowing fields.

This month is farm work month. Next month is build the Nano camper. April is maintenance work on all equipment and cutting down and up a tree in the backyard that's dying and shedding huge limbs. I hurry when I have to walk around it.

Mom starts her physical therapy again this week. She's 93, but she's going strong. The therapy keeps her agile and her mind sharper. She's even agreed to get an electric scooter, so she can go shopping again with me or scoot across the farm with. FINALLY!!! YIPPEE!!! We've been trying to get her to get an electric scooter for years.


  1. Put the Homelite back together and got it running. It would run for five to ten seconds well then die. Zip! I'm thinking I kinked the fuel tube from the gas tank to the carburetor. Took it apart and it turned out it was the off/on switch with a poorly fitted frayed connection. Added a new terminal end and soldered both ends for a good fit. Runs like it's brand new chainsaw now. I am wary of chainsaws when using them, but I do enjoy working on them.

  2. Nice. Did you do one of those deals where you get the scooter for free? 1 800 Whatever?

    Physical therapy is important. I've seen the progression from cane, walker, wheelchair, scooter so many times. At a certain age, physical activity is critical. Their legs stiffen up and they just can't move anymore. The tendancy is to just watch TV all the time.

  3. The scooter chair deal fell through. Seems there is a stipulation. The scooter is mainly for indoor usage. Mom was honest and told them she needed it for outdoors only. Medicare won't pay for an outdoor scooter, so no scooter. They cost $800 from The Scooter Store, so we will probably be looking for a good used one locally.

    Mom is getting up more and more. Walking more, too. It's painful for her because of her arthritis, but if she doesn't get up she could get pneumonia from lack of activity. She's not ready to die just yet. We're both looking forward to the Nano camper and camping out on the farm for a few days. She misses the owls hooting at night and being out in the country.