Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Camper Trailers --- Ham Can Campers

Old Tin Can Campers - Remodeling images CLICK HERE!

I've found the basic shape of my new plywood camper, but exactly how do you build one? The above link has excellent remodeling images of old "ham can" campers being disassembled and rebuilt. Many good ideas at this site. I'll be back.

I own a little land, but have no cash to build a house on it. If it's possible to be phobic to go in debt then I have it. No debt. Period.

Do I really need a house, I asked myself back in 1995? Nope. Been living in campers ever since. My plywood camper will be a blend of the campers I've lived in. A blend of a 8' slide-in and a bumper pull. With the bunk over the propane tanks, I can build a 12' camper and still have lots of room for my gear, a stove, small catalytic heater, sink, toilet/bath combo, and small dorm room type fridge. It will need a black water, grey water, and fresh water tank.

I'll heat water on the stove and bathe out of a bucket. Been doing that for a while and I get just as clean as in a tub bath and don't use but five gallons of water (at the most).

Cat doors are important on cold winter nights when the cat wants out and you're already snug and warm in your surplus military sleeping bag that's stuffed with another soft nylon sleeping bag and it's all wrapped up in a modified bivy bag with a warm, insulated poncho liner on top. You have your home knit cap and scarf on as well as a poofy soft insulated jacket and very thick socks on your feet. Wearing an ugly flannel night gown and a pair of bleach-stained fleece pants, you are comfortable, warm, and sleeping peacefully. As you are dreaming so happily of catching perfect white crappie (three pounds a piece) and fat catfish (five pounds a piece) the impatient cat (who weighs 18 pounds) wakes you up with sharp claws in your leg and a loud meow when he decides to declare, "I gotta pee. Open the door ... or else." And if you don't get up, he starts knocking things off of shelves till you do. Both of my old 8' slide-in campers had cat doors.

Here's another link to images of vintage campers being restored CLICK HERE!

When I start to build the camper, will be taking lots of pictures. Somebody out there might be able to use the images to get ideas to build a cheap home for themselves.

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  1. Saw a ham can camper down in Utica, MS today. It wasn't up for sale. Looked like an early 60s model parked in a driveway. If I could get one cheap, I'd buy it just for the metal skin. Everything else would have to be tossed unless it's in really good shape.