Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Remembering That There Are Other People Out There ...

... who have it much worse than you do.

Dropping off some bought and home knit caps and scarfs at a local charity. Winter is coming on and sometimes a scarf wrapped around your neck and a thick, warm cap can make the difference between life and death on the streets.

Today's To Do: Clean out the gutter. Sharpen the chainsaw. Cut up some fallen tree limbs.

Get my little backyard camp supplied with extra firewood. Maybe build a campfire after Mom goes to bed tonight and brew a cup of goldenrod tea. Sinuses are a bit congested. I need a few hours away from her and she not knowing it. You have to do that with the grouchy old folks you take care of. If they don't know you are busy enjoying yourself for a little bit, they leave you alone. If they know you are busy enjoying yourself, they interrupt you a lot. Have no idea why that is.

Lunch: Italian beef with elbow macaroni. All tomatoey and good. Definitely cold weather food.

It's a beautiful, cool day. Lots of sunshine with occasional breezes. Mom pees herself every night, so I have to air out her blankets every sunny or breezy day I can.

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