Tuesday, October 25, 2011

You Move Towards What You Picture in Your Mind...

...and how much you love it will always grease the tracks of motivation. We all seem to find time to do the things we love, don't we?

Blah. Blah. Blah. Don't feel like doing anything today and that's not good. I thought myself into this emotion and now I have to think my way out. Just a couple of hours of daylight left, too.

Learned a long time ago that we move towards what we picture in our mind. I need to get up off my duff and picture myself dragging out the lawnmower and repairing the wheel height adjuster. Hmm,feeling a bit motivated already. Yep. It's working. Just keeping that image of me checking out the wheel height assembly is now...what...wait a minute...YES!...I'm getting up. I feel the need to put on shoes and get moving. Just holding that image and...and...and it's working. See ya later. Got some work to do.

Looks like the piece of flexible metal that is suppose to slip into notches is losing it's flex. Will simply find a long enough bolt and permanently fix the mower height to three inches. Don't think I'll be buying anymore Sears lawn mowers again. It's only two seasons old and is already having to be rigged up to run right.

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