Sunday, October 30, 2011

Using What You Got---A Tale of a Homemade Camper

Mine is red.

I've got an old 5' x 14' utility trailer. Have decided, in order to save $1500 (+/- $600), I'm going to convert it into a small camper trailer.

It will have to be the canned ham can type of camper made of light plywood, weather resistant paint, and good framing. It has to be sturdy enough yet light enough to last at least twenty-five years. That's my plan. Now, on to making plans of what to put where: the bed, stove, sink, toilet/shower combo, heater, closet, other storage, and all the water, gas, and electrical lines.

I've lived in campers before, so the new camper will be like a slide-in that's being towed on a trailer. Except for the bed. It will be a bit tall because clothes will be stored under it. Might have to get stronger RV-type trailer tires, too. Plus a spare.

Want to live as much off the grid as possible, so there will be a couple of solar panels put on it with the necessary safety equipment and two good deep-cycle batteries. Will use a large 25-gallon black water tank for both grey and black water when I'm camping.

Lot's of plans to make. Asking myself, "Just what do you want this 14' camper to do for you?"

Trying to keep the total costs to less than $3000.00. I have stripped old campers of some of the things I'll need, so that will save a few hundred right there. Have 110-volt wire from old jobs, have scrap plywood from working on Mom's house. Lot's of 3/4" pipe from rebuilding water lines "professional" plumbers installed. Gotta use up what I have to keep the costs low. Going to take lots of pictures as the trailer is being designed, assembled, and built.

Now, if I find a decent little camper for sale, I'll remodel it instead.

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