Thursday, October 27, 2011

Current Book: How to Survive Without a Salary - Chapter One

Chapter One: What's the Catch? Learning confidence, flexibility, and patience as I wrap my mind around living a life style not as self-indulgent for material goods.

QUOTE: "There are no magic formulae or secret sugar daddies to milk. What we do have is a lifestyle---carefully planned and slowly built---that reduces the need for cash to a level that can be easily met with casual income." Page 12

How to Survive Without a Paycheck by Charles Long from Warwick Publishing. Bought my copy over at

If I'm going to live in a camper trailer for the rest of my days, I'm going to have to live light and save as much of my cash income that I can for truck repairs, camper repairs and upgrades, truck and trailer tags, land taxes, state & federal income taxes, as well as food, medicines, and for the cat's needs. In my camper, there will be a small library of books on how to live off the land, home medicines, and frugal living. And,of course, my Holy Bible.

Here's the link to another favorite frugal minded book over at Amazon. Living Well on Practically Nothing

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