Friday, October 28, 2011

Fifty Tips on Living Frugal

50 Tips on Living a Frugal Life --- LINK

The world is celebrating another bailout. Huh? Market up 300 plus points, EU leaders toasting each other, and false hope for those who think the good old days of job security is on the fast track back home. Ain't gonna happen no time soon, folks.

Don't eat all your food stores just because a rescue plane flew over your wickiup you built next to your financially crashed survival site. Even if it did tip it's wings, it's probably turbulence. Believe it till you see it is a good thing to do right now. When your old job calls you back, even then be careful. Load up on canned goods, get ahead in all debts, maybe buy some gold or silver, and keep your ride running good.

I'm watching world transportation, fuel, and manufacturing futures. If no one is manufacturing goods, no one will be transporting it. If no one is transporting it, no one is buying the fuel it would take to transport the goods. It's a simple 3-spoked wheel that has to be fueled to revolve.

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