Sunday, December 18, 2011

Another Pallet Run Should Complete 1" x 4" Material List (items needed)

After what I picked up today should complete my need for 1" x 4" boards to frame the NaNo camper with. Wish I had taken my trailer, could have picked up some more 2" x 4" board pallets. Maybe next Sunday.

Home Depot has the plywood I need for the siding and flooring. Those two items I won't scavenge for. They will have the wood treatment to make it moisture resistant and mildew proof, too. If I can, I will keep the wood it's natural color, but if not, it's primer and paint time.

Paying off all debts this week and cruising into the new year debt free. Work on the Nano starts mid-January. Build the trailer frame and put on the flooring. Paint the flooring under belly with water resistant paint and tar over that completely. When the floor paint has dried, start on the walls. Taking my time building this camper. No hurry 'cause there's no need to.

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