Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Greek Savings Deposits Getting Dangerously Lower

Article on dwindling Greek bank accounts.

The fall of the Euro has to start somewhere. As it falls, so goes Europe and then down goes the US dollar. In the wings, the one world currency to the rescue. Might not happen this year or within the next couple of years, but if this kind of news keeps happening, it is going to happen and probably within five to six years.

As for me, I'm prepping as best as I can. Buying homesteading tools and investing in things like the small, sturdy camper to make life cheaper, easier, and less problematic. Being as computers are so important to us now a days, took a computer course in building and maintaining them. Doing as much of my own truck maintenance and tune up as possible. I sense dark financial clouds on the horizon with blazing flashes of lightning blinding folks to what's really coming. Now is not the time to go into debt, even little debts you have to pay off monthly. Unless it is an emergency, stay clear of debt for the next five years.

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