Friday, December 2, 2011

UP and Running: Been a while since this old PC has been on the Internet

Happy me. Found the COA number and loaded the Windows 2000 Update software. This old late 1990s PC is now back on the Internet with a brand new hard drive and floppy drive and good used keyboard and monitor. That little Penn Foster computer maintenance and repair course has now saved me about $600 easy.The course costs $850. Knowing how to build PCs and repair them in this job market will look good on my resume once I hit the job market again. With what I learned from Penn Foster, an old scanner from early 2000s was repaired and put back in service. Learned how to network all my PCs, too.

This old computer was manufactured on June 25th, 1998. With the 3 gig hard drive, I can't load it up like I can the other two, but that's okay. This PC goes into the tiny camper I'm building in 2012. Still looking for a way to get it hooked up to send and receive WiFi signals. That won't be so easy, but if it is doable, it'll be done. Burger King, Sonic, and McDonald restaurants have free WiFi.

Woo hoo! I feel lucky tonight. Going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Continued working on updating the new old PC. It's all networked now with the other PCs. Trying to find a particular file online to download so I can update the security while online.

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  1. Went online tonight and found a $140 PC with the works. 80 Gig hard drive, too. Wow, I'm thinking, that's a pretty good deal. That's cheap for all that refurbed stuff that goes with the basic computer package. It cost around $140 in a hard drive, floppy drive, and soft ware to get the old PC up and running again and back on the Internet and networked with my other PCs. Personally, I think I got the better deal. I have a good PC that I know how to tear down and rebuild, it's networked to the Dell, scanner, and printer. It runs great and looks good with its camo painted case. Knowledge...the more you know, the less you carry (and have to spend money on).