Thursday, December 1, 2011

Got the Windows 98 SE Software Loaded Up...

That 1997 white box PC runs like a brand new one now. Put in a new hard drive, floppy drive,and had to take out the new DVD ROM drive. Re-installed the old CD ROM. The old CD ROM had the drivers needed for the motherboard and the new DVD ROM didn't.

The original network card isn't recognizing Comcast's network connections, but the error message told me the drivers I needed to solve that problem though as I went through the set up an Internet connection program. Will try to find them on the 'Net and download them to a floppy and load them into the old PC.

Want to network the old PC with the Dell and laptop. This rebuilt PC goes into the camper after I can get a WiFi card installed as well as a cable network card. Main question is can I find a WiFi card for such an old motherboard?

Installed Brother's 1998 Geobook software into the old PC to have a spreadsheet program and Geobook's version of Microsoft Word. I'm glad I don't throw out old CDs and floppy disks, because to find the old stuff is getting harder and harder. If I find any old software or OS software at yard sales or Craig's list, I'm buying it if it's dirt cheap. I'm taking the '98 and upgrading to Windows 2000 just as soon as I find the 25-digit COA (certificate of authenticity) number for the upgrade software. I lost it. I will find it. Windows 2000 has better networking features.

Don't have speakers for the old PC, so I didn't load the game up. If I can find a pair of speakers dirt cheap, I'd hook them up and reload the game. It's a lot of fun. The book that came with the software didn't match the game at the higher levels (there are 15), so those final levels were a challenge. With PC games like Rainbow Six, patience, knowing your surroundings, and watching your back gets you further along the game levels.

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