Saturday, December 10, 2011

In Other Words, We're Screwed.

Chemtrail analysis and other crap being put into the world's drinking water. The planet and all of it's inhabitants are being made into something else unnatural.

I see chemtrails so often now over Jackson, MS that today when I didn't see any I thought it was odd. A beautiful, blue sky day. A bit chilly with light breezes. Great day to do anything outside. Had I been down on my farm, I would have gone deer hunting or started the fence work at the back of the place.

No chemtrails. Odd.

Sometimes to know something new makes you wish for your old troubles.


  1. Interesting topic. I've considered writing on it myself but it's a bit out there.

    There is a movie on it called "what in the world are they spraying?"

    Supposedly, chemtrails are made up of micronized barium, strontium and plastics designed to decrease global warming. I'll watch that video on their Cloverleaf site and report back on it.


    Sometimes I smell a faint plastic resin odor when the chemtrails are dissipating over the house. Within 24 hours I'll have a terrible nose bleed which I believe is cause by an allergic reaction to the chemicals used that day. The soreness and bleeding lasts for a day or two then disappears.