Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Bateau Boat - One sheet of tin boat

Tin roof boating ---LINK

I am so thrifty. Been looking for a small 8' foot metal boat on the Internet. Man, they are so expensive to only be eight feet long. Well, I got to asking myself, "What exactly is a metal boat made of and where can I get the material to make one myself?" I wondered if there really was a way to make a boat out of old roofing tin. There is and it's called a Bateau Boat.

This looks like a summer project after the garden gets going and the camper is finished. My boat, though, will be a bit wider for stability and about eight to nine feet long. After a bit more research on the Internet, a materials list should be formed on exactly what is needed to build a safe, small, and very cheap boat.

Red necks in Oz sailing about a bay their tin sheet boats. LINK---

A personal story of fond memories and a homemade sheet of tin boat. Fond memories of a homemade sheet of tin boat. LINK---

This is more like it. This is what I'm going to try and build. LINK---

If I could find a 12' metal boat for dirt cheap, I could cut it down to 8', too. When the camper is finished, having a little boat available would make camping a whole lot more fun. Besides, boaters can go in a river or pond where bank fishers can't. Just because I live cheap doesn't mean I have to give up better hunting or fishing opportunities.


  1. I checked online, some of those 8 footers cost 500+. Wow!

    I was happy to see that they are sometimes called "redneck boats." To me, it means that it is cobbled together, but that it is functional and that it works.