Friday, December 9, 2011

Redneck Outdoor Furniture --- $1 per bench

Here's a quick video on how to make a discarded pallet into a comfy bench.

Actually, if you have a camp where the security is not that great, you could spend an afternoon making a few of these benches and leave them at your camp. If they wound up stolen, all you lost was an afternoon. But, you gained a valuable skill in furniture making...well, sort of.


  1. That's good. I've seen people borrowing pallets when I worked retail. Certainly cheaper than going out and buying one.

    Redneck. I like that word actually when it's used by the right person. It's an affront when used by other people or when used as an insult. In many ways the redneck who learns a trade or works as a mechanic will be better off compared to a college grad.

  2. To me, a redneck is someone who lacks formal education, barely got past the tenth grade, yet is very practical in their needs, wants, and skills. They can tear down something and build it back up better than ever. Rednecks are industrious by nature and don't really need a whole lot to be happy.

    Those with a higher education look down upon the redneck because their educated brains puff them up a bit. I don't find these better educated people any happier than a redneck and I have walked in both worlds to know what I'm talking about. If anything, great knowledge makes a person unhappier. And annoyingly arrogant.

    When I say redneck, I mean someone with little formal education yet survives no matter what is hurled at them. They survive where others die because they are practical by nature. And thrifty. And they know how to disassemble something and make it into something entirely different and just as practical.

  3. I Googled the words rustic and pallets and came up with a page loaded with ways to make cheap, functional furniture from pallets and tree branches. After sanding and varnishing, the cabinets, chairs, beds, and tables looked very nice. Someone took a cedar tree and formed the trunk and branches into a bed and was asking over $1200 for it! It was very pretty with it's hours of sanding bringing out the grain and multiple coats of varnish, but $1200?