Friday, December 16, 2011

Exercise is a must when you hit 50 years old.

As our bodies age and the metabolism slows down, weight starts to creep upward. Before you know it, you are fifty pounds overweight and miserable. No stamina, no interest, nothing is fun anymore because your body is worn out just from maintaining the fat it produced. You plop in front of the TV and live your life through others out there doing what you could be if you dropped some pounds and toned up a bit.

I exercise. Thirty minutes a day on a treadmill (manual) and on the Total Gym. I have to. High blood pressure (hypertension) and diabetes runs in the family on both sides. When I'm not exercising, I try to find something to do that burns calories like yard work or the future work next month on the NaNo camper. Lifting and cutting plywood is work.

Got a lot of goals to reach next year. The kind of goals where I have to be successful at a bunch of little jobs to make the whole job successful. Getting in better shape, the NaNo camper, a small boat, enlarging the garden, ducking chemtrails, etc. Need the endurance the treadmill puts into my body and the muscle toning the Total Gym does with each workout.


  1. I also exercise everyday for the same reason. I lift weights and walk.

    Walking is IMO the best exercise. It is better than the treadmill because it gets you outside and it is harder than the treadmill. On the treadmill, the machine pulls your leg back, depriving you of 1/3rd of the movement. It also helps you to know your neighborhood.

  2. I know my neighborhood very well. Run down with burned-out hulls or slabs from thieves and arsonists, armed robbery type of crimes on occasion, light industrial, homeless groups living in the woods near the interstate, and with a no-tell motel nearby bringing in prostitutes.

    Use to be a nice post WW2 neighborhood till the early 80s. I could walk, ride my bike, go fishing in a nearby pond without fear of a violent crime. I rarely walk the street in front of my house now and only if I'm packing my .357. A lot of drinking folks loiter near a little store nearby.

    My neighborhood has been downhill ever since Reagan took office. White flight took the money and the best neighbors and left behind a crumbling infrastructure of boarded up homes and crack heads. The rest of us stay for one reason or another. I stay because of my mother. When she passes, I'm outta here.

    It's safer for me to use the treadmill. Safer for the outlaws, too.

  3. Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. It's not you're fault, but it is not well to feel that way about one's hometown. It does not encourage the investment of its citizens. This is bad leadship and poor foresight.

    I live in a small town. It has not been enriched by diversity yet, and I often walk at night with no fear. My car has been unlocked for the last 3 month and no one has touched it.

  4. All the folks with a good income moved twenty minutes away to Pearl, Madison, Flowood, or Clinton. Home invasions are fairly common now.

    We have security cameras on the house and ADT for fire and protection. Plus my pistol. I've already told Mom that if someone kicks the door in for her to get on the floor and get under some furniture. I'm shooting anyone left standing. Growing up on this quiet little middle-income street never prepared me for the violence that is so common today.

    It's one of the reasons why I'm putting roofing tin on the NaNo camper and using plywood for it's lower exterior. I hear gun fire just about every night. Have learned that when the guns go off like that, it's a signal of sorts by the drug dealers. The drug shipment has arrived and is ready to sell. These falling bullets have to land somewhere and the tin roof or plywood siding might slow them down a bit.