Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The NaNo Camper --- Unique Name for the Unique Camper

Have decided to christen the tiny camper The NaNo Camper.

It's late and I'm up. I've learned with taking care of Old Mom, don't go to bed before midnight. Mom rarely rests well and usually needs something within the first few hours of going to bed. Instead of going to bed early and having to get up three or four times, I just stay up till midnight. Usually, she's asleep for the night by then.

Goodnight, Mom.


  1. That's a great name.

    I used to take care of my grandma and it seems like they can't sleep as deeply anymore when they get old.

    On a load day, we would typically get 8 pallets of stock. Usually they are left outside the store in the back. If we kept them inside, they would take up space. If outside, they have to look pretty. No messes or anything out of place.

    The best sleep aid appears to be the television. Set it either to TNC or golf. That usually does the job. My grandma did not like to take naps in bed, but prefered to sleep in front of the tube. My grandpa could hold a beercan while sleeping and it wouldn't spill!

  2. Mom doesn't sleep well and has trouble controlling her body temperature. She's either too hot or too cold. She falls asleep to the TV or radio. She likes conservative talk radio, puts her right to sleep.

    Right now I am looking for more 1" x 4" pallet stock. Planning on stocking up on some of the larger 2" x 6" for a shed I'm building in 2013 to park NaNo under. Will stop by today and see if the business has anymore pallets. Want to talk to the owner and see if it's alright if I bring my small chainsaw and cut up some of the larger pallets. These pallets are used to bring in granite counter tops, so they are very heavily structured.