Friday, December 9, 2011

Single-sheet Plywood Tiny Boat

Here is a cute video on how to make a tiny boat out of a single sheet of plywood. Would weigh around forty pounds, more or less. Keep it painted with a good latex exterior paint and store out of the weather when not in use and it should last a while.

I would take a sheet of roofing tin and flatten it out. Would epoxy it to the bottom of the tiny boat and fill in any gaps with silicone sealant. Would carefully bend the tin's edges upward to close in the bottom of the hull to the sides and use rust proof screws to hold in place. Lots of epoxy or silicone sealant to stop leaks in seams and in between the tin and wooden hull.

Where I fish in the Pearl River, there are large rip rap stones just below the surface of the water all around the boat landing. These jagged rocks are tough on plastic kayak hulls, I know this first hand. Had to take JB Weld epoxy and fill in the nicks and cuts many a time after a day's fishing on the Rez in the kayak.

The tin bottom on the wooden boat would stop deep cuts and give the boat a little protection when you have to drag it up a sandy, rocky river bank. If a hail storm comes up, you can flip the boat over and have a fairly hail-proof cover over your body after you crawl under it. A piece of tin necessary to cover the lower hull wouldn't add that much weight either.

Hmm, I might be on to something here in the summer project planned after the garden gets settled and doesn't need me as much.

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