Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Neighbors and Horse Wrangling

My neighbor's horse got out last night. Seems he's been out for a few days, too, going by what a neighbor Jesse told me. They had it tied up in their backyard and it got away. Chewed it's rope in half, going by the looks of the chewed end.

My backyard is fully enclosed, so I caught the big, friendly stud horse and put it back there. Fed it a large box of instant oatmeal and gave it a lot of fresh water. Oatmeal makes me thirsty, too. He's been steadily grazing on the what's left of the grasses of last summer.

The owner has until tomorrow afternoon to come pick it up or I'll have to call the Animal Control cops. Can't afford to feed this easily 1000 pound horse.


  1. I've been hearing stories of people letting their horses go because they can't feed them anymore. I hope this isn't one of those kinds of stories. If it is, I know a man who loves horses with all of his heart. He will help me find a good home for this gentle stud. I want to talk to the owner first though and find out what the deal is with his horse roaming the neighborhood for three days.

  2. Animal control gets expensive. I think they charge the owner to get their animal back. Hopefully the owner calls you up soon.

  3. The horse's name is A-Bob. His owner showed up with a horse trailer and took him home. Seems the horse was tied up in the back yard of the owner's uncle to eat up the grass and weeds there. Going by all the hoof prints in the soft soil of the front yard, he had been loose for several hours.

    A-Bob was a pleasure to care for. He's a good natured horse and welcomed back anytime.