Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Found A 19' Camper Dirt Cheap

My budget for the new camper is around $3500. That means buying the shell and total for repair costs. Found a Holiday Vacationer for $750 and it's in repairable condition and it's close. Just 22 miles away. It's a bit longer than I needed, but that is more storage. It will need a new toilet, stove, and a few other things. Pretty sure it will need new tires, too. That's going to be around $1000. New toilet is around $200. Already have the stove to put in it. $0. New heater will be around $250. Hot water heater doesn't work, but that might not be nothing more than a burned out electrical element. New element is around $25. If I can get the camper cheaper, I'll put that saved money into the tires.

Will look closely for rot and a bent frame. Will take an air tank full of air to pump up the tires to get it to a service station a few miles away. Never put a camper on the road with low tires. The tires heat up and literally start to melt off the rims.

Going to go Monday at noon and speak with the owner Derrick. He's got to be willing to go with me to the bank and get paid there and get a notarized bill of sale or there is no deal. Going to get the camper insured and tagged and the bill of sale has to be notarized for that. Planning on hauling the trailer on the Natchez Trace once I get the new tires on it. First thing I will do, if I get the trailer, is put two bug bombs in it and close the doors for a day. Wait a week and re-blast it again with two more bug bombs. Old campers are notorious for black widow spiders and roaches.

Then the rebuilding/refurbishing starts.

If the deal falls through, there is still the old slide-in to haul up and start tearing down. Was going to put the slide-in on a trailer anyway and the trailer would have cost me around $900 more or less. Being flexible and seeing what happens. This isn't the only old repairable camper for sale right now.

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  1. My gut kept at me. Kept asking if this is what I really wanted. It's a bit larger than what I really want to pull.