Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Flurries Predicted for Monday - 11/28/2011

We don't get much snow down south, especially this far south. A couple of years ago, there was enough snow for me to build a big snow man and make a real snow angel. That was a special time for me with all that snow. So rare and beautiful.

I love to hunt during a good snow fall. Or go fishing. On January 3rd, 2001, I caught nearly 80 catfish while fishing below the Ross Barnett Reservoir spillway. Caught several on bare gold hooks. Filled up both large fish baskets. I was living in my tent on that cold, winter day. Was saving up for a down payment for a new camper. The old slide in had become infested with spiders and all the spraying in the world wasn't doing a bit of good. Had up to 20 oozing spider bites at one time on my arms and body for a while there. You can own land and still know what hard times are, folks.

Anyway, back to something pleasant...

I remember how the boat anchor rope froze to the bottom of my old aluminum boat. Huddling against the boat seat trying to keep the below-freezing winds off my body. Man, it was cold. But the fish were biting really good. We all ate good that night. Mom, me, the cats, and the neighborhood feral cats and possums, too. Cold water catfish tastes a whole lot better than summer caught.


  1. Wow! Mississippi is a beautiful state. Some of the local critters don't drive me crazy though.

    There's a guy at who lived in his camper full time as well. Might be worth a looksie if you've never done it before.

  2. Lived in campers since late 1995. Two slide-ins and a small bumper pull. The spiders moved in between the walls and made me miserable. Spraying poison didn't work. Spraying OFF mosquito spray on me only slowed them down. I moved into the tent to avoid getting bit even more. Bought the small bumper pull a few months later.

    Will start building my new bumper pull camper once the heavy duty frame arrives. Going to make sure this one has no hiding places for spiders,too. Will be similar to a small canned ham camper like a 1957 Dalton. I don't need much, but it needs to be sturdy.