Monday, November 7, 2011

YouTube's Stories of Homelessness and Van-dwelling Living

Land, I got. It's the cash to build a house on it I don't have. Solution: a camper.

When you live in a camper, you have freedom and can still sleep in your own bed at night. Those who are homeless and live in their cars, trucks, or motor homes have the experience to offer tons of good advice on what a person needs to live well on the road.

Now,I won't be living on the road, but living cheap is a priority. Have no idea where the next job is coming from and how much income I'll be earning. As a land owner, there will be taxes and because I like to live legally, there will be tags and other fees to be paid. And I have to eat, wear clothes, pay for the cat's medicines and food, do maintenance on all things owned, and save money for rainy days. I can live off a minimum wage, if the expenses are kept low.

As stories and videos are found, they will be posted here for your reference if you share a similar life as mine.


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