Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Local Campers---pretty good deals from $400 to $800

Money. Gotta save it and spend it where it's needed most. Was checking out the prices of vintage campers in good shape and found a few locally by way of the Internet. Sent the emails and now I wait. Getting a decent little camper for less that $1000 would save some bucks in the long run. The pictures of the ones advertised looked pretty good. Will have to wait and see.

The campers I'm looking at are similar to the image. Will repaint it to a shade of gray with greens and browns so it doesn't stick out in the backyard like some kind of elephant. If the thieves don't see it, they won't think to break into it. Boxy campers are ugly, unless it's an Air Stream. Now those are kinda nice looking.

If it's the $400 camper, I'll gut it and bring it back up with lots of storage. The other camper images gave me some great ideas. Gotta have a cat door, too.

Will keep looking for local campers throughout the winter because it would be next spring before I could actually let go some dough to put into it in a rebuild.

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