Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hard Drive Installed on Very Old PC...1998 PC.

When you are learning how to repair or build PCs, it doesn't hurt to know how to repair the really old ones still out there. At a former job, they were using Windows 95 as late as 2008. Hey, it worked! Taught myself Microsoft Access 2000 to do all the data entry required for making reports in 2008. Bought the software from Amazon and practiced, practiced, practiced. Took the four day inventory job and turned it into four hours. Oh, yeah. I liked that a lot. So did the bosses.

Well, installed the new 3 Gig hard drive (don't snicker, it's a 1998 PC) and discovered soon afterward, after the hard formatting, that it wouldn't take a non-MS DOS OS. Well, back to to buy an old software to go with the motherboard. Try Windows 98. Feeling so nostalgic here. My first PC back in 1999 ran Windows 98. Upgraded that laptop to Windows 2000 recently to run a network connection. Unfortunately, I'll have to buy a network card for the old Compaq Presario before I can network it with the other PCs. Will seek a work around to save some bucks, if possible.

Well that's it. Mom's isn't doing too great. Told me yesterday that the year is 1911 and the John Wayne is alive and has cancer. She's stuck in 1979, too. Poor Mom. At 93, you can't expect too much. Love ya, Mom. Don't worry. No plans on me leaving anytime soon. May God have mercy on the both of us.


  1. Now Mom is denying that she said what she believed yesterday about it being the year 1911 and John Wayne is still alive. Is this tough watching someone you care about fade away? Yes. It is very tough.

    Mom, her therapist, and I talked of assisted living homes. Mom seemed a bit interested. It would take up much of her retirement income to live in a nice one, but it's worth it. Love ya, Mom.

  2. When ahead and put the new DVD ROM drive in, too. Can always get another one for the Dell. Man,it's easy working on PCs. It's the software bugs and glitches that are little devils to figure out.