Saturday, November 12, 2011

Argentina's and the USA's Economic Troubles

Argentina's Survival Methods <--- LINK

I'm into survivalism big time.To survive better than others is to understand what others before you have done to survive during the same situation you are going through or worse. Over at , read the input from a paramedic who survived during the early 1990s the siege of Bosnian towns and villages. Rule # 1: Don't stand out. Look like everybody else, sound like everybody else, smell like everybody else. If everybody is skinny, you get skinny. If they have dirty, unwashed faces while carrying AK-47s, you do the same. Blending in is important to survival where everybody is looking for something better and will kill you to get yours.

So, I make plans to live in a country that is falling. No house, but a sturdy and plain looking two-wheeled camper, no fancy paint job...primer gray colored camper. No fancy guns, but a basic .22 rifle and pistol. Don't need high powered weaponry. Clothes will look like everyone else's or old military surplus. My truck will be a plain truck with dents, dings, and needs a good washing. Shiny things stick out and draw trouble. Trying to be invisible.

The mind looks for what it is programmed to seek. Since I've been on the hunt for a small camper, I'm seeing them everywhere. Hidden here behind a house, parked with larger trailers, a bit of a curved camper roof peeking up over the tall bushy field it was parked in decades ago. The small image of the camper has enlarged on my heart and the heart seeks it. Seeing small campers all over the place and all I had to do was tell my heart to seek them. Thieves do the same thing with their hearts. They envision what they want and how they want it to be and their hearts look for it. Be careful. Don't stand out, blend in. The hearts of thieves are looking for your stuff and you, too.

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  1. I hope you find what you're looking for. I kinda want a camper or trailer too but my van seems to blend a little better in my suburban neighborhood.