Monday, November 28, 2011

Pearl River is Up. Planning a Fishing Trip When It Goes Down.

We're out of catfish and white perch. Don't even have fish heads for the cats to chew on as a treat. It's time I went fishing again and the weather is perfect for it. Cold. I love to fish in cold weather. Carry a thermos of hot coffee and a wide mouth thermos of hot soup. A little treat, too. Rice Crispy treats goes good with black coffee. Meet nice folks below the spillway or up on the Madison breakers. Good memories.

With my old mom though, it can be tricky. She's 93 years old and her mind isn't as sharp as it use to be. She's like a four year old child with the memories of someone nearly a century old. She remembers being able to do things, but the body and mind she has now won't let her. That doesn't stop her from trying though. Rescuing Mom is kinda normal now a days.

If I go fishing, I would have to go and be back before she gets up in the morning. That's about four hours fishing time because she rises around 9:00 AM. That's enough time for me to get enough fish to justify the $3.00 for minnows and gasoline used to get there. So if all works out, when the river goes down next week, I will go fishing.

I miss going fishing and hunting a lot. I miss it everyday. Caring for an elderly parent is like caring for a small child that is manipulative, cunning, lies without remorse, and exaggerates aches and pains to get attention. This old woman child person doesn't recognize the new person that time and age has turned them into. When you have an elderly parent that you want no where near a stove or handling sharp, cutting things, you've got yourself a child trapped in an adult body to care for.

Luckily, Mom has a medical alert pendant, so if she'll wear it, I will get to go fishing. Haven't been since last spring when the river was up and the fish not biting. If it all works out, I'll go. If there is even a hint that leaving her alone for four hours will cause problems, will stay here and live off the memories created from the good times. Mom won't live forever.


  1. After watching Mom struggle this morning to put on a simple house frock, I know I can't go fishing and leave her alone for several hours. She was putting the dress on upside down. No wonder she couldn't get her arms to go through the sleeves properly. The stroke has taken away her ability to solve simple problems like putting on clothes and her diapers. I have to mark the diapers with a big black X on the back so she will know back from front. She still has a hard time though.

  2. I'm surprised to hear that she can still walk on her own. I've seen the progression many times: walking, then by too much sitting atrophy, then cane, then can't get out of chairs, walker, then wheelchair and a nursing home.

    It's a strange thing to see the same thing happen to everyone. Alot of times one good fall and that's it. There's a great deal of frustration involved, and it's a credit that you can take it.

  3. Sometimes I can't take it, so I go outside and sit down and watch the sun set. I pray a lot, too, for strength from God. I tell myself this won't go on forever either. Quitting time is coming, I tell myself.

    It's hard taking care of the elderly. At least with a little kid, you can fake them out a bit because they don't have nearly a century of memories in their minds. But old folks...they're crafty.

    I'm taking Mom out more with me now. Her therapy ends this week and we'll both miss her therapists and weekly nurse. We drove around yesterday as I ran errands and got an inspection sticker for my truck. She's good for about two hours then she has to come home. Mom does so much better mentally when she's out and about instead of in front of that TV all day long. Not nearly as grouchy.