Sunday, November 13, 2011

Homeless Women Living in Their Cars and Their Stories

If you want to learn how to be frugal, read the blogs of homeless people who are living out of their cars and surviving without going insane.

Living in My Van <--- LINK

Wandering Scribe <--- LINK

The above links will take you to the real life stories of women who live out of their cars. Life is hard sometimes. Incredibly lonely. But, they learn. Street smarts are sharpened and they succeed where others fail.

I am not homeless, but I can't afford to build a house on the small city lot I own. This poor old house is in such bad shape that when family visits they stay in hotels for fear of the old house falling on them. The foundation is shot and the termites are destroying the rest. After Mom passes, I'll use it for storage till I get rid of everything except only what I need. Then, it's torn down.

I've got a sister that has threatened me for decades to leave me in the streets with "nothing" by way of letters and phone calls. Her own son calls her crazy; he has some measure of pity for her. Poor sis threatens to take inheritance matters to court and keep them in litigation so I'll "never own the farm." This coming from a woman who threatened to have her mother declared incompetent to gain power over her money. Fortunately, I could not care less what she secretly wants for me to experience whether good or bad. The idea of living in the streets is scary yet worth considering if I needed to save money. Ah, nothing like one-sided toxic sibling rivalry. God forgive her, because she's nuts and no one listens to her anyway.

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