Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mom Screwed Up....tricked by a Medicare scammer

Day before yesterday, my old mom receives a phone call from an older man explaining he was with Medicare and needed her medicare card number. Because we have received calls from her doctor's office, I'm thinking it's her doctor or the nurses that come out to check on her weekly. Mom wounds up giving the guy her name and her doctor's name. I took the phone and flatly told the man I think he's scamming her and that I would not give away anymore information. He was cool, calm, collected and acted a faked surprise that Mom didn't need diabetes supplies. He sounded like he was in his late fifties and upper East Coast. I hung up on him.

Just great. Gee, thanks, Mom. Gotta contact her doctor ASAP (this would happen during the holidays) and report the potential fraudulent claim for diabetes supplies in Mom's name and most likely a different address. Mom almost gave the guy her social security number, too.

Mom is slipping away mentally and physically, but she's sneaky. She says things and then denies saying them. She does things and denies doing it. She is slipping into incompetency and I've got to do something about it quick.

Will call her doctor and nurse that visits weekly and report this.

Taking care of old, sneaky people is not for wussies. You have to stand your ground when the old person is in the floating, gray area of competency. Got an old camcorder and from now on when things are said or done that are questionable, I'll have proof to show her doctor. Mom is going to wound up in a nursing home and fairly soon. Appears she is going to be one of those mean, sneaky old people, too.

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