Sunday, November 6, 2011

Camper Building Starts With A Good Frame

Going to find all the images I can of framing a camper. Even with plywood walls, the frame has to be strong so it won't sag a few years from now. Can't find a web page that explicitly tells a person how to build a camper without buying plans, so I have to do pretty much what I always do...figure it out on my own.

Haven't decided yet if I want a rear door or a side door. All I have to do is move the wardrobe box from the rear to behind the dinette to make a rear entry.

Work won't start till mid-March being as the adhesive for the rubber roof won't set up properly in temperatures less than a sustained 50 degrees Fahrenheit. I'll need a couple of weeks to begin the frame foundation and adding the plywood and then the wiring, plumbing, and gas lines. Till then, it's save the cash and try to have at least a couple of thousand to start the project of creating the exterior hull with the wiring and completed roof. After that, it can go paycheck to paycheck with adding the interior components like the toilet/shower, stove, sink, and other little ideas to tweak the camper into something I won't mind living in for twenty-five years.

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