Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cold, rainy night. Cold, windy day.

Mom had a rough night with much coughing up of phlegm. She felt sick on her stomach, too. Her birthday meal of fried oysters and onion rings was a bit much for her 93 year old stomach. Guess the birthday cake and ice cream didn't help much either. She finally got to bed around 5:00 AM. I couldn't sleep, so made a pot of coffee and drank a couple of cups outside in the chilly breezes. Everything was so peaceful till Zeb, the 18 Pound Cat, picked a fight with a neighborhood stray cat I named Big Head. Oh, well. Nice while it lasted.

Caught a few hours of a nap till Mom woke up wanting a big breakfast. She got a regular sized breakfast instead.

I'm going to be tightfisted for a while. Have decided to save money and wait till spring before I spend a dime on a camper. Whether I build it myself or buy one and remodel it, the financial news I'm hearing has me closing the pocket book with an audible click till I get a friendlier feel of the stock market US or European.

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